Giveaway Winners

 Below are photographs of a sampling of people who have won a knife or tool from Schrade, Old Timer, and Uncle Henry.

Jan S., YETI Giveaway, April 2016
John H., SCHF56L January 2016
Joseph J., SCHF56 January 2016
Troy Defew December 2015
Law Ch., SCH309, June 2015
Dan C., SCH309 & SCHA7, June 2015
Jason W., SCPEN3BK package, June 2015
Bob L., SCPEN3BK Package, June 2015
Peter R., SCHF35, May 2015
James R., 7OT, May 2015
Kristina P., SCHF25, April 2015
Lucy S., SCHF25, April 2015
James P., SCHF35, April 2015
Nick and Lilly, April 2015
Ryan M., SCH36M, March 2015
Leo H., SCH406 February 2015
Robert A., SCHSH1, January 2015
EJ, SCHSH1, January 2015  
Carl A., SCHF9 & SCHFS1 January 2015
Thomas C., SCHF9 January 2015
Bats M., SCH911 December 2014
Robin D., SCHF22 December 2014
Gerald S., SCHF28 November 2014
Tim B., SCHF27 November 2014
Brandon S., SCHFOTF7 October 2014
Jody K., SCHF26 October 2014
Trevor R,. SCHF30 October 2014
Mike P., SCHF28 October 2014
Dale F., 167UH October 2014 
Crystal H., SCHF28 September 2014
Dan M., SCHF30 September 2014
Rob F., SCHF28 September 2014
Stacy C., SCHF28 September 2014
John S., SCH110 September 2014
Jimmy J., SCHF28 September 2014
Don K., SCHF28 September 2014
Cameron H., SCHF34 September 2014 
Stephen K., SCHF30 August 2014
Robyn C., SCHOTF3 August 2014
John H., SCHF19B August 2014
Joe I., SCH301 August 2014
Henry W., SCHKM1SM August 2014
George T., SCHF14 August 2014
Fred S., SCHF30 August 2014
Dennis C., SCAXE2 August 2014
Bobby A., SCHF103 August 2014
Tamea O., SCH103 July 2014
Bill R., Sharpfinger July 2014
James B., SCH103 July 2014
Kaycee C., SCH103 July 2014
John S., SCHF23 July 2014
Jeff S., SCHF2SM July 2014 
Jeff B., SCH103 July 2014
Rodney M., SCH103 July 2014
Joe J., SCH103S July 2014
Kevin M., SCH103S July 2014 
Eugene O., SCH103 July 2014
Jeff S., SCH103S July 2014
Don G., SCH103S July 2014
D.S., SCH103S July 2014
Duane B., SCH103S July 2014
Ian C., SCH103 July 2014
Chris H., SCH103S July 2014
Courtney H., SCH103S July 2014
William H., 171UH June 2014
Joe V., SCHF12 June 2014
Joe S., SCHF22 June 2014
J.S., Mothers Day Prize Pack May 2014
Gaynell H., SCH107 May 2014
Fred F., 171UH May 2014
Cindy B., 34OT May 2014
Annette H., Mothers Day Prize Pack May 2014
Greg M., 171UH May 2014 
Rob F., SCHF6B April 2014
Rob F., SCH600Ti April 2014
Tami D., SCH600Ti April 2014
Wendi R., Flashlight April 2014
Leonard S., Flashlight April 2014
Randy H., Flashlight April 2014
Lyndsey G., Flashlight April 2014
Keenan F., Flashlight April 2014
Joseph L., Flashlight April 2014
Charles H., Flashlight April 2014
Bryan B., Flashlight April 2014
Carl R., Flashlight April 2014
Gary S., Flashlight April 2014
John S., SCHF6B March 2014
John L., March 2014
Gerald D., SCHOTF7 January 2014
John C., SCH102 January 2014
James M., SCH601Ti January 2014
Jerry L., 897UH January 2014
Chris C., SCH301 January 2014